Dr. Joan McGillicuddy, LPC and Dr. Antonio Estrada have been Instructors of the Silva Method of Mind Development since 1986, training extensively with Dr. Jose Silva.

The two are among very few instructors worldwide, who are certified to teach all three Silva courses: The Basic Lecture Seminar, the Graduate Seminar and the Ultra (healing) Seminar.

In addition to teaching Silva Seminars, the two doctors cofounded Helping Associates, Inc. (HAI) in 1982. HAI is a professional behavioral health organization that promotes mental and physical health through education, learning, and planning (HELP). Under the direction of Dr. McGillicuddy and Dr. Estrada the staff of HAI serve over 1,000 clients monthly with problems of mental health and substance abuse, throughout Central Arizona.

Dr. Antonio Estrada

Dr. Estrada holds a doctorate in Human Services Counseling Psychology and has worked throughout his career as a Therapist, Social Worker, Seminar Trainer and Behavioral Health Administrator. He now specializes on Spiritually based Life Coaching. Dr. Estrada is a Combat Vietnam Veteran, drafted into the U.S. Army as a teenager. He demonstrates a deep appreciation for life due to the intensity of the Combat experience. He is a warm, compassionate, and intuitive teacher designed for participants ongoing growth.

Dr. Joan McGillicuddy, LPC

Dr. McGillicuddy holds a doctorate in Human Services Counseling Psychology and has spent her career as a Licensed Professional Counselor/Therapist, Behavioral Healthcare Administrator, Teacher and Seminar Trainer. She is listed in numerous editions of Who's Who of American Women, and Who's Who in the World. She is a dynamic, energetic, and humorous Presenter.

Both trained with Dr. Jose Silva, at any available opportunity. The two have created ten beautiful meditation CDs.

They are known for "living" the Silva Method, and bringing a wealth of experience and practical application to their seminars. The training they have experienced through the years is extensive. A partial list includes:

  • Ten-day Ultimate Seminar with Dr. Jose Silva
  • Alpha Theta brainwave training with Menninger Clinic 
  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy 
  • 20+ Sound Healing trainings with Tom Kenyon, M.A., World renown Sound Healer
  • Rational Emotive therapy- two-week certification with Dr. Albert Ellis
  • Spirituality in healing with Dr. Herbert Benson, Harvard Medical School
  • And many more.

They also work closely with the New Age Study for Humanity's Purpose- dedicated to planetary Evolution of Consciousness. They are consistence delegates and have been featured presenters at the Annual World Congress on Illumination.

Dr. Antonio Lopez Estrada and Dr. Joan McGillicuddy have been studying and researching deep levels of consciousness for a lifetime. Dr. Estrada and Dr. McGillicuddy hold a PhD in the field of counseling psychology with numerous years as practitioners and healers.  They have studied with many renown healers such as Dr. Jose Silva, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Albert Ellis, Menninger Clinic, Harvard Medical school and Tom Kenyon, to name a few.

Dr. Estrada and Dr. McGillicuddy are passionate in teaching seekers the power of consciousness and altered states, especially the power of meditation and the development of the whole brain.  Currently both Co-Direct and Co-Founded a very successful behavioral health organization where Dr. McGillicuddy is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and both Co-Direct and Co-Founded The Institute for Creative Solutions.

Both hold many titles: Sound Healer, Tantric Buddha Practitioner, Silva Method Lecturer, Consultant, Empowerment Coach, Business Leadership Trainer and have years of personal commitment to live life learning and discovering the power of consciousness.