The Institute for Creative Solutions, LLC was founded in 2002 by Dr. Joan McGillicuddy, LPC and Dr. Antonio Estrada. It arose from the work they began with their organization Helping Associates, Inc. (HAI), a professional behavioral health organization that originated in Central Arizona in 1982, and has grown to serve thousands of clients annually.

Through the combined vision of Dr. McGillicuddy and Dr. Estrada, a need for a distinct outgrowth of HAI was recognized. They chose one that focuses solely on developing the power of the mind to more easily attain success, and “design the life of your desire”. 

The Institute is located in a peaceful, rural setting. It features a beautiful collection of sacred art, designed to promote love, peace, and healing to those who enter. When meditating upon spiritual art, one is able to connect with their own divinity. 

. . . It is our natural birthright
to go from success to success
all our life.
If we are not doing that . . .
we are not in tune with our
innate capabilities . . . Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal Your Life