Become Extraordinary

 Our Self-Empowerment seminars are based on the world renown Silva Method of Mind Development, founded by Dr. Jose Silva in 1966. The program has been presented in over 100 countries and numerous languages. The Silva Method is taught for one reason- IT WORKS quickly and deeply to create life changes.

Learning to use the right-brain hemisphere is the key to unlocking the full potential of the individual. Our Silva Method seminars are designed so that the participant will learn a controlled relaxation method that will activate both the left and right brain hemispheres while in the Alpha level of consciousness. This will result in the individual experiencing whole-brain thinking.

It is this relaxed mental activity and focus that will assist the participant in achieving the goals that are desired both personally and in the work arena.

Four brain wave levels exist ranging from high frequency Beta to the low frequency Delta.


  • Increase productivity and creativity
  • Maintain enthusiasm and motivation
  • Improve your workplace
  • Reduce stress 
  • Bring harmony into your relationships
  • Increase your prosperity
  • Resolve conflicts quickly
  • Manage change effectively and efficiently
  • Prevent or reduce "burnout"
  • Manifest your desired goals
  • Experience confidence and peace in your life


BETA activity takes place when a person is wide awake. Its frequency is 14 Hz per second and above. ALPHA brain waves occur when a person relaxes. The Alpha rhythm is between 7.5 Hz to 13 brain waves per second. THETA is a slow activity, and is represented by a frequency of 3.5 Hz to 7.5 Hz per second. DELTA brain waves occur when the individual is sleeping. Its rate of frequency is 1.5 to 4 cycles per second.


Stress is defined as the physiological and psychological response to situations or events that disturb the equilibrium of an organism.

Research shows that stress is a contributing factor in a majority of ailments and diseases. Frequent colds, arthritis, digestive problems and headaches all may result from impaired immune capabilities due to stress. Even cancer and heart disease have been linked to stress. When stress is present not only the body is affected, but also the mind. What once seemed clear to an individual is often seen with distortion due to the effects of the stress.

These physical ailments are a contributing factor to absenteeism in the workplace. Absenteeism costs the employer thousands of dollars every year.


Are you, your family, loved ones or your employees experiencing any of these symptoms of stress?
• Health problems 
• Chronic Fatigue 
• Depression 
• Excessive worrying 
• Cynicism, negativism 
• Irritability 
• Hair trigger display of emotions
• Low morale 
• Tardiness or absenteeism 
• Communication breakdown
• Substance abuse 
• Decreased productivity and creativity * Apathy


It is important for every individual to recognize the three phases of stress.

ALARM PHASE: This occurs when any physical or mental trauma releases stress hormones and normal levels of resistance are reduced. Recovery is possible if this situation is short-lived and not severe in nature.

RESISTANCE PHASE: If the stress continues for a period of time the body learns to tolerate the stress stimulus and will increase its resistance. The immune system and other systems within the body will be taxed during this period, even though this is considered a "safe" period.

EXHAUSTION PHASE: At some point in time the body's ability to resist stress will weaken. That is when trouble occurs and the individual needs to seek assistance in developing a plan to manage the stress and recover from its effects.

In an independent evaluation of behavioral health organizations done by Northern Arizona University, Dr. Estrada's and Dr. McGillicuddy's organization, Helping Associates, Inc., scored highest among 11 agencies in 31 of 34 employee satisfaction variables that were assessed. They attribute such successful results, and the use of the Silva Method in their organization.

The leadership training they present at the Institute for Creative Solutions, LLC offers the strategies and tools essential to develop maximum productivity, teamwork, a positive work environment, innovative problem-solving and synergism in the workplace.