Developing The Mind’s Potential
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The mission of the Institute for Creative Solutions, LLC is to provide individuals, businesses, and organizations with effective, practical, scientifically-based methods of increasing health, productivity and creativity while reducing the stress of everyday life.

By developing the use of the mind's potential, participants who attend our seminars can expect to experience a more enriched life, one will begin to understand and utilize their vast potential of their inner being.

If you spur your imagination with belief, desire, and expectancy, and train it to visualize your goals so that you see, feel, hear, taste, and touch them, you will get what you want.Jose Silva, The Silva Method

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2-Day Silva Life Systems

This dynamic two-day course is based on the world-renowned Silva Method of Mind Development and Stress Control, presented worldwide since 1966. In this practical and informative training, you learn to relax physically for increased health, wellness, and vitality. You will also learn techniques to become better focused, develop innovative, and creative thinking, and develop abilitites to manifest your goals and dreams.

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