Celebration of Angels Seminar

Celebration of Angels Seminar

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We are currently in the third wave of angels. The first was in biblical times when angels appeared to an occasional prophet or patriarch. For example, in the Old Testament, Abraham and Sarah were told by an angel they were going to have a child. Later, when Abraham attempted to sacrifice Isaac as a test of his faith, another angel grabbed his hand at the last moment to stop him.

The second wave was in the medieval period when angels appeared mostly to saints and seers. For example, in A.D. 613, Archangel Gabriel began dictating the Koran to the prophet Mohammed, creating the religion of Islam. The third wave has been buiding up since the late 18th Century, and more angels are reaching out to everyone.

Presented by Dr. Antonio L. Estrada and Dr. Joan McGillicuddy, you will learn more about the history of angels and how you can communicate with your angels through relaxation and meditation techniques in this unique program.

You will have an experience of meeting your guardian angel; learning the gender, color, name and the gift that the angel will bring to you.

There are angels assigned to everything: birth, death, families, offices, computers, education, etc. They are readily available to guide, inspire, and heal.

All proceeds from this program are donated to local charities.

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